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Childhood memories inspired the branding of feather Bed Turkeys. As a child I would occasionally stay with my grandma in her big comfy spare feather Bed. It was that memory that came to mind when we were…


Check out where to buy page to find your nearest stockist or alternatively contact us directly to discuss our farm gate options. All processing take place on site, a benefit of being a small family run business…


Get in touch with Brunsell Farm to buy your Feather bed turkey today. You can buy your Christmas turkey at the farm gate. You can call, message or email Brunsell farm, we will be happy to help…

Brunsell Farm Feather Bed Turkeys

The Harris family have been supplying quality Christmas Dinners for over 75 years

Brunsell Farm is a 7th generation family farm, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Blackmore Vale.

Turkeys have always formed part of the family business, Alban and Helen have had the benefit of previous generations experiences to consistently produce an excellent Christmas Turkey unrivalled in taste available right on your doorstep.

Attention to detail is vital and at every step, the family is there, hands on to make sure the birds enjoy the perfect conditions that produce the perfect turkey.

Happy tasty turkeys

Handled with care

Taste is everything

Enjoy Christmas this year with our Feather bed turkeys

To achieve the outstanding Christmas dinner, exacting standards have to be met every step of the way. We are very proud of what we do here at Brunsell Farm and experience shows a happy turkey is a tasty.